Interview with an Asterisk
Please, just call me “*”—that’s what my friends all call me.
Intolerance in Hollywood—A Word of Caution
Hollywood, my hometown, is all about tolerance… as long as it fits “their” agenda. Pro-choice, green initiatives, gay rights, gender correctness—you name it. And I personally have no issue with any of these things.
Is Diversity Finally Coming to the TV Academy?
In early March, the TV Academy hired a consulting firm, ostensibly to address issues of equality head-on. Under the banner of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), the company will analyze “staff and member composition, attitudes and perceptions regarding DEI, opportunities for improvement, and expansion of current practices.”
It’s a Wonderful Life
Every Christmas I watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my family. It’s become a holiday tradition. Ninety-four percent of critics liked it on Rotten Tomatoes . The other 6 percent are miserable bastards.
It’s Official: Roger Friedman Is a “Hardcore” Bigot
Roger Friedman, a citizen responsible for the blog Showbiz411, has officially removed his mask and uncovered himself as an anti-religious bigot.
Jeffrey Augustine: Anatomy of an Internet Bigot
Just as criminologists have developed profiles of common traits for individuals like serial killers, mass murderers, terrorists, and the like, it would be an interesting exercise to develop a profile for ranting, raving bigots who infest the internet fringe.
Justice: A Lesson I’ve Learned in Scientology
No one deserves that. Yet the world is full of such conflicts. What can we do about it? Personal justice starts with each of us. It can span the gamut from resolving a playground fight between children with fairness to accommodation of religious beliefs in the workplace.
STAND Member Reflects on Visit to Iconic Religious Freedom Site
Under cover of a January blizzard, Roger Williams left his wife and children, slipping away to avoid the men sent to arrest and deport him for what Puritan leaders in Massachusetts had called “dangerous” religious beliefs.
Lessons in Tolerance from South Africa
I guess there is bigotry everywhere, but—oddly enough—I don’t experience too much of that here in South Africa. If you look for it, you will probably find it, but bigots are no longer welcome here.
Making Sense of Hate—Why People Don’t Understand You
Whether you knew you were doing it or not, in that explosive conversation you were employing an ancient mode of reasoning known as “two-valued logic.”