Inside Scientology: The Art of Critical Thinking
It takes a very humble person to admit that, compared to the truth, they don’t matter.
Is Hate Contagious?
On February 22, a murder in Kansas drew national attention. Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who had moved from India to the United States to study aviation engineering, was relaxing in a bar with a friend. A man started shouting racial slurs at the pair and told them to “ get out of [his] country.“
Is Man Just Another Animal? Part 2: Loss of Spirituality and Increase of Dementia
The immortality of the soul is certainly a crucial and integral part of the belief systems of most if not all religions. And rightfully so.
Leah Remini: The Anti-Humanitarian
What a far cry from the words and deeds of kindness and wisdom associated with decent human beings.
Masterpiece Cakeshop and The Need For Tolerance and Respect
I believe that the Masterpiece opinion will make such bodies more aware of the need to produce decisions, however they rule, that are respectful to the rights of both sides and provide at least some hope for reconciliation.
Me, Before and After Scientology
Scientology has given me the key to embracing life as an exciting adventure, not something to endure or hide from. Priceless.
Mike Rinder’s Legacy
The simple truth is that Mike Rinder makes his living fomenting bigotry and hate against the group whose standards he failed to live up to.
A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats—My Personal Account of Scientology Leader Mr. David Miscavige
It turns out that we were about to hear an extraordinary update on a project involving tens of thousands of hours from Church staff all over the world. Mr. Miscavige began explaining the task he and his team had been working on for decades.
New Year’s Resolutions Fail: Scientology Can Help
Sometimes the bar isn’t set very high, like the year my son said that his primary objective for the next 12 months was to “take more warm baths.”
Observe The Truth For Yourself!
I was born in 1943, too young to experience World War II. I am Jewish and as I grew older I learned about the Holocaust and the atrocities of the Germans during the time of the Nazis.