Leah Remini

My Scientology
I don’t need to know much about the guy who threatened Scientologists in a recent post on Facebook.
Never Let the Fox Guard the Chicken Coop
Why else would someone go so far down the road of attacking groups that have clearly demonstrated over and over again that they intend to and do improve the quality of people’s lives in profound ways?
Obsessed with Hate: Disgraced Reporter Yashar Ali Tries to Make Bigotry Look Humanitarian
In 2021, Ali described that his goal with the Scientology religion was “to have the whole thing shut down.”
Of Bigots and Bullies
It’s bad enough when adults turn a blind eye to bullying, it’s disgraceful when they encourage it, and it’s criminal when major U.S. corporations contribute to the problem by airing or sponsoring TV programs that set up innocent kids as “different” and therefore as targets.
Oregon Does Not Endorse Leah Remini
When I see a platform given to a person whose stock in trade has become slander and libel of religion, I get concerned. I’ll be so bold as to speak for freedom-loving Oregonians (which is most of them).
Propaganda 101: Leah Remini’s Extremism & Hate
Attacks on religions are rarely based on facts. They are the most alarming lies that can be foisted off on those who react emotionally without ever thinking it through. Tell an intelligent man that those people over there are slaughtering babies and he will go look and find out for himself.
Remini: Methinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much
Think for yourself. And trust your “thou-dost-protest-too-much” alarm when it goes off.
Remini: Taking Bigotry on the Road
According to recent Hollywood reports, with her show’s viewership numbers doing a nose dive into a parity with “Joanie Loves Chachi” re-runs, Leah Remini is scrambling to find another religion to beat up.
Scientology is Fun—The Sequel
That Scientology is fun is one of those things that’s so obvious and normal to those who actually know and practice it that it almost goes without saying. But my last blog on the subject seems to have struck a chord with readers, so I thought I would do a follow-up and use a little contrast.
Southern California Police Launch Efforts to Deter Hate Crimes
When mosques in Southern California received handwritten letters over the Thanksgiving weekend that threatened genocide of Muslims, police stepped up their actions to stem the rise in hate crimes and incidents of bigotry. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, L.A.