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The Critic and His “Standards”—My Take on Antireligious Bigotry
Those people who can actually do things, do them. It’s only the people who can’t do things who talk about it.
Tony Ortega—Anti-Scientology Puppet with a Blog
Ortega claims to work under the umbrella of journalism. In fact, he’s an internet tabloid blogger at the hire of anti-Scientologists, and he writes what his clients order. Since 2013, Ortega has been in the service of virulent anti-Scientologist Leah Remini and her partner, Mike Rinder—both expelled from the Church for antisocial and criminal conduct, respectively, and both of whom turned to making a living off their vendetta against the Church and its leader.
Tony Ortega—The Troll and His Prison of Hate
The story reads like a sordid crime novel, with Ortega as willing accomplice, motivated by greed and devoid of human decency. It might be entertaining, were it not for the real-life victims of his complacency and collusion—children sold on Backpage as sex slaves, victims of sexual violence, physical and psychological abuse, and murder—the details of which are well-documented.
True Patriotism: What Drove Dan Day to Expose Islamophobic Extremists—and Save Lives
How many more heroes are out there? How many more heroes will we need?
The Guardian’s Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo Objects to Freedom of Religion
One’s choice to be religious is not a character flaw, nor is one’s religious choice itself. Remove religion and any awareness of spirit from the equation of humanity and you are left with zero humanity. Decency, kindness, accountability, help—these all go out with Monday’s trash.
Hate & Lies Have No Place on
As Spin is about celebrating what is great in music—not targeting, marginalizing or demonizing members of a religion or minority group—I am sure you would agree this type of content has no place on your website.
L’Oréal: Withdraw Your Support of Discrimination
Several commercial giants (including Geico, General Motors and Ikea) decided to stop advertising on the show due to the hate-mongering and downright discrimination and bigotry that were its content.
Lyft: This Is Pure Bigotry
Let this show go to the grave where A&E sent it. We have enough going on in the world right now. Let’s put an end to bigotry of every kind.
Mercury News, You Give Hate a Platform
Before you print drivel like this you should check your facts and sources. You might even want to consider finding something true to write about that will help people rather than picking fake stories and running them to the end of hate and harm.
“The Age’s” Discrimination Is Downright Un-Australian
I was disgusted to see the discriminatory articles written about my church and fellow parishioners.