anti-Scientology hate

Bigot by Trade: Tony Ortega
It’s about time this child sex trafficking apologist and anti-Scientology extremist, along with his antireligious wife were exposed for who they truly are: toxic inhibitors of well-meaning members of society.
Why Does The Mercury News Attack Its Own Community?
The San Francisco Bay Area is home to people of many religions. Among them are many thousands of Scientologists, who frequent churches in San Jose, San Francisco, Mountain View and Los Gatos.
Why Hate Is Hate: One Woman’s 15 Minutes of Fame
At this point, I know I shouldn’t be surprised. But every time it happens, I am. Someone degrades my religion for clickbait.
Does Mercury News Publisher Sharon Ryan Stand by the Paper’s Bigotry?
The article was biased and discriminatory in the extreme and targeted an individual exclusively because of his membership in a minority religion, in blatant violation of Bay Area News Group published policies and standards mandating “fairness” “accuracy” and “credibility.”
GSN Must Stop Giving Hate a Platform, Violating Sony Diversity Standards
We are appalled you continue permitting Leah Remini to hijack GSN’s name to spew antireligious hate, thus implicating your organization in her campaign to incite violence against Scientologists.
Alan Naldrett Exposed as Anonymous Supporter of Hate Blogger Tony Ortega
While avidly posting on an antireligious blog whose author stalks, harasses and incites hate against Scientologists on a daily basis, Naldrett describes himself as a history writer involved in the Chesterfield Library newsletter and the New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch, who serves as a member of the Chesterfield and New Baltimore Historical Societies.
Andrei Silviu Organ Identified as Anonymous Enabler of Hate Blogger Tony Ortega
On August 16, another anonymous source responded to STAND’s call for information on enablers of hate blogger Tony Ortega, revealing the identity of “DodoTheLaser,” the Disqus commenting account employed by Andrei Silviu Organ.
STAND Acknowledges Whistleblowers Exposing Tony Ortega
A number of these individuals have reached out to STAND to expose Ortega and provide information on those anonymously enabling him in the name of hate.
STAND Launches Investigation Into Enablers of Hate Blogger Tony Ortega
Described by former colleagues as “twisted,” “abusive,” and anti-Scientology obsessed, Ortega in his nine years of joblessness has devoted his time to an anti-Scientology harassment campaign—one involving thousands of blog postings intended to intimidate, smear, dehumanize and shame Scientologists. Ortega employs his fringe platform to give daily voice to what can only be described as his deep-seated, un-American objection to the First Amendment rights of Scientologists to practice their religion in peace.
Three Years Later, STAND Remembers Aaron Yeh
Aaron Yeh, a 24-year-old Scientologist and beloved member of the Church, was murdered outside the Church’s Australasian headquarters on January 3, 2019.