Alan Naldrett Exposed as Anonymous Supporter of Hate Blogger Tony Ortega

On September 22, STAND received further information from a whistleblower about enablers of hate blogger Tony Ortega, revealing that “N. Graham” is the commenting account employed by Alan Naldrett of Chesterfield, Michigan, to egg on Ortega in his dehumanizing rantings.

Alan Naldrett
Alan Naldrett

While avidly posting on an antireligious blog whose author stalks, harasses and incites hate against Scientologists on a daily basis, Naldrett describes himself as a history writer involved in the Chesterfield Library newsletter and the New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch, who serves as a member of the Chesterfield and New Baltimore Historical Societies.

Meanwhile, Naldrett uses a pseudonym to express support for Tony Ortega, an individual described by former colleagues as “twisted,” “abusive” and “obsessed” with spreading anti-Scientology hate:

  • Ortega contacts the bosses of Scientologists to “reveal” their religious affiliation and spread defamatory lies in an effort to place their jobs at risk.
  • Ortega posts gleefully about recently deceased Scientologists, attempting to blame Scientology for their passing and mocking their family members for seeking comfort in the religion.
  • Ortega uses slander to try to deny corporate partners and sponsors to Scientologists engaging in humanitarian projects.
  • Ortega stalks Scientologists on social media and reposts their messages out of context to malign them, including a video posted by a 14-year-old girl.
  • Ortega “breaks the news” of events in the private lives of Scientologists, including personal tragedies, to expose them to hate speech.

STAND encourages any others with information and documentation to write in to