First Amendment

Is Freedom of Religion Limitless?
In the weeks prior to the tragic raid, one such demagogue, the notorious convicted felon Rick Ross of the now defunct Cult Awareness Network, appeared on several network news shows and revealed that he had been “briefing” both the FBI and the ATF with his poisonous rhetoric.
It’s Your Right, But Is It Right?
I believe in the power of speech. I believe in freedom of speech. I believe in my First Amendment rights. I believe in our country and our government. Mostly. I believe that our Constitution is there to protect us. All of us. And should be defended at all costs.
Pew Research Study Finds Christians Under Attack
If you live in America you might find this hard to believe. Most people here and in Western countries are accustomed to Christians being “the norm,” with religious bigotry and scorn reserved for newer or less “mainstream” faiths. But that analysis would be missing one critical element: almost all religions are a minority somewhere.
Religious Arbitration—What It Means and Why It Matters
If we allow courts to override agreements made between parishioner and religious institution, we will be setting a very dangerous precedent.
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of a Prisoner’s Right to Free Exercise of Religion
Maintaining religious freedom in prisons isn’t simply a matter of law, or principle, but of humanity and hope.
The Insidious Government Suppression of Religion
This situation has gotten so bad that there are now law firms that specialize in defending churches’ rights against suppressive government zoning boards, and these law firms make enough to stay in business just combating government suppression of religion.
The Origins of Our First Amendment—the Province of Religion Versus the State
As difficult as some of these cases may be, courts have usually sided with the church and with the Lockean ideas. The church, not the state, distinguishes between human actions based on their religious motivation or lack thereof.
What it Means to Be an American
I’ve studied the Constitution of the United States more than once and I love what our founders put in place for future generations.
Who Are the People Who Trash Religion, Anyway?
A brief glance through the Renaissance reveals so many examples of art and architecture created in honor of and inspired by the artist’s faith. Grand churches made of massive stones have sprung up in every European city—a testament to the faith and love of the people who started building them, knowing they might never live to see them finished.
Why All People of Faith Must Cherish and Protect the First Amendment
The sacred texts of the Church of Scientology were misunderstood, taken out of context, and embedded into a decision which stated, wrongly, what Scientologists believe.