What Is It That Bigots Hate? That You Communicate.
When you look at bigotry (or more succinctly “hate”) as one person’s desire to ensure the target of the bigotry stops communicating, it makes more sense.
One Century Later, What the Tulsa Massacre Can Tell Us About Today
As we confront a 10-year high in hate crimes, the 1921 destruction of a vibrant and prosperous Black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a white mob has important lessons for today.
What We Scientologists Wish You Knew About Us
I am a Scientologist of over 35 years, and my friends and I are here to tell you that we are no different from you.
When Media Crosses the Line and Feeds the Flames of Religious Bigotry
When major media becomes unfair, unjust and dishonest it threatens the bedrock of our society that depends on an honest evaluation and understanding of key issues of our times. Just such a biased and unfair film ran on a cable network last year about Scientology.
When “the Victim” is the Bully
I’m “a big kid.” That is to say, I’m an adult. I’m well-educated, reasonably affluent, and able to hold my own in a conversation… But I’m being bullied. And honestly? It’s really uncomfortable.
Where Do You Stand on Taking a Stand?
People are social creatures, and this is one of our greatest strengths and one of our greatest weaknesses, all at the same time.
Where Religious Discrimination Never Happens
On the block where I grew up I played with kids whose parents were Holocaust survivors. What they endured was a terrible note in man’s history.
Where the Hate Is Coming From
A few bigoted individuals have used the pandemic as an excuse to spread hate against Asian Americans. By the same illogic Asians could blame me for the proliferation of gigantic American sodas and refined fast-food carbohydrates ruining people’s health around the world.
Who You Callin’ a Spigot?
I propose a word that would serve to make a distinction between common, garden-variety bigots and those who are prejudiced towards spiritual practices. How about “spigot?”
Why Hate Is Hate: One Woman’s 15 Minutes of Fame
At this point, I know I shouldn’t be surprised. But every time it happens, I am. Someone degrades my religion for clickbait.