Remini: Taking Bigotry on the Road
According to recent Hollywood reports, with her show’s viewership numbers doing a nose dive into a parity with “Joanie Loves Chachi” re-runs, Leah Remini is scrambling to find another religion to beat up.
Scientology, “Critics” and Critical Mass
Just start pounding an idea enough times into enough people until, hypnotically, they begin to believe it. Critical mass is achieved when the idea—no matter how false or ridiculous—becomes accepted as reality.
Scientology Made Me a Better Dad—But You Wouldn’t Know It If You Believed the Bigots
In those circles I’ve come under coordinated, continual and entirely unreasonable attack from people who have never met me or my children.
Speaking Out Against “Mainstream” Bigotry
What if all people of goodwill, whether Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Scientologist or whatever, upon hearing any antifaith propaganda being passed on, got mad as hell and spoke up about it?
Stale Bread: The Aftermath
I am not prone to drama. However, having lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, I am very familiar with it. I try to keep myself busy working on my businesses, helping my family and friends and creating art. I’m generally too focused on that to pay attention to noise and sensationalism.
Sunday World Publishes Two-Month-Old Interview by Anti-Scientology “Obsessed” Podcaster as News
On March 19, the Irish tabloid Sunday World published an article by Jenny Claffey, a 32-year-old podcaster who stated she was “obsessed” with the prospect of interviewing an anti-Scientologist.
Survival of the Friendliest?
It looks like we’ve had it all wrong since 1859. That’s when Charles Darwin began the evolution revolution with his seminal work, On the Origin of Species.
Tarpley Hitt & Daily Beast: Only Bottom-Feeders, After All
Ms. Hitt is building a reputation as a writer who refuses to let the truth get in the way of a titillating story—even if it means trashing good people trying to do good things through the faith they practice.
Texas Legislation Strips Truth & Diversity From History
The education of a culture has exactly zero to do with politics, zero to do with blame, zero to do with expediency or funding or censorship or any of a thousand other dribbling trifles. It is all about humanity and understanding. How in the world can we understand where we’re going unless we understand where we’ve been?
The Accidental Bigot
A bigot’s a bad thing to be. But, theoretically, it could happen to any one of us. For many years (and in what feels like another lifetime), I worked in the film business. Anyone familiar with that industry knows it involves arduous, long days and requires plenty of patience.