hate speech

Hollywood’s Casual Endorsement of Hate Speech Sets a New Low
I have absolutely had it with Hollywood and the media’s unbelievably casual acceptance of outright hate speech.
UN Targets the Fuel That Sparks Hate on International Day for Countering Hate Speech
“Hate is a danger to everyone—and so fighting it must be a job for everyone.”
Rabid Bigot Leah Remini Feigns Affability as Damage Control for Destroyed Image
Remini is a self-described “horrible” person and “a monster.”
Seven Years Later, Remembering the Violent Hate Crime Leah Remini Inspired at My Grandchildren’s Church
This hate-induced act of violence serves as a sobering reminder that bigotry and propaganda can have serious and frightening consequences.
Mike Rinder’s Shame: Lying About His Words, Then Lying About His Lies
Mike Rinder, expelled former Scientologist and inveterate liar, cannot keep the truth straight.
Phil and Willie Jones
Phil Jones and his wife Willie were so desperate for money they created a public spectacle at the expense of their own children. Now they are profiting from their anti-religious, anti-family hate campaign.
A Prayer for Tabloid Hatemonger Emma Parry
May you come to see the people you write about as actual flesh-and-blood beings, with goals, feelings, failings and emotions rather than as convenient ciphers to scorn.
“All Are Responsible. All Must Act.”—UN Targets Hate Speech as Public Enemy Number One
The United Nations, responding to the alarming rise in hate speech internationally, proclaimed June 18, 2022 as the first annual International Day for Countering Hate Speech.
Anti-Religious Hate Crimes Should Be No Smirking Matter for A&E, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder
An A&E series produced by Slauson Productions allowing avowed anti-Scientologists Leah Remini and Mike Rinder to smirk and strut their way through a maze of fiction and farce about Scientology has incited hundreds of hate messages and threats...
Artificial Intelligence + Hate Speech = Murky Waters
I manage a software development team and have worked in and with technology for the last three decades.