Mike Rinder’s Shame: Lying About His Words, Then Lying About His Lies

Mike Rinder, expelled former Scientologist and inveterate liar, cannot keep the truth straight.

Rinder, whose income comes from attacking the Church of Scientology, published the following on his hate blog on October 3, 2017: “Scientology… they are like cornered rats and will ultimately be wiped out entirely because they are such menacing, antagonistic and rabid vermin.”

Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder blog

In December of 2020, Rinder lied about his Nazi-like statement in an online posting: 

Mike Rinder posting

Rinder was quickly exposed on social media for his lie. But that didn’t stop him from recently lying again, denigrating his entire family in the process:

Mike Rinder tweet
Mike Rinder blog2