anti-religious hate

Phil and Willie Jones
Phil Jones and his wife Willie were so desperate for money they created a public spectacle at the expense of their own children. Now they are profiting from their anti-religious, anti-family hate campaign.
Artificial Intelligence + Hate Speech = Murky Waters
I manage a software development team and have worked in and with technology for the last three decades.
Aziz Ansari Hits the Mark in SNL Monologue
Aziz Ansari said something interesting on Saturday Night Live , and I laughed, because he’s freaking hilarious. And because, boy, do we need some satire right now. Maybe you’ve heard? There's a little bit of political unrest happening. And yes, Mr. Ansari made me laugh.
C’mon Facebook. Live by your standards.
The First Amendment is a tricky one. It protects my right to practice my religion but also, to a certain extent, protects those speaking badly about it, except when that speech turns into anti-religious hate speech.
For the Future’s Sake—Let’s Work Together
My family fled anti-Semitism in the Ukraine about 100 years ago. Jews coming to America at that time were often fleeing the pogroms. Basically, if you were headed to Ellis Island, it was likely someone back home wanted you and your family dead.
Get An Honest Day Job, Leah Remini
A&E has stooped to a new low with their religion-bashing show with Leah Remini .
How it Felt to Be Treated Like a Nazi
When I was in third grade, I had a teacher who despised me. It wasn't because of anything I'd done to her, and it wasn't that I was a difficult student. In fact, I loved learning, was an avid reader, and was pretty social, so school was a perfect fit. Except for Mrs. Goldwitch.
Intolerance in Hollywood—A Word of Caution
Hollywood, my hometown, is all about tolerance… as long as it fits “their” agenda. Pro-choice, green initiatives, gay rights, gender correctness—you name it. And I personally have no issue with any of these things.
It’s a Wonderful Life
Every Christmas I watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my family. It’s become a holiday tradition. Ninety-four percent of critics liked it on Rotten Tomatoes . The other 6 percent are miserable bastards.
Leave “Islamic” Out of It
I have friends, associates and employees of Muslim faith. Not a single one has ever demonstrated signs of wanting “Jihad.” Especially here in the good old US of A. They just want what most of us want: the right to live and worship as they see fit without being attacked or ridiculed for their faith.