Scientology in Society

I’ve heard that Scientologists are doing good things for society. What are some specific examples?
Can Scientology do anything to improve the world situation?
How are secular programs based on L. Ron Hubbard’s technology coordinated?
Who are the Volunteer Ministers?
What is the Way to Happiness Foundation?
What is Applied Scholastics?
What is Criminon?
What is Narconon?
What is the Foundation for a Drug-Free World?
What is United for Human Rights?
What is Youth for Human Rights?
Why are Scientologists so vocal on the subject of human rights?
Why is Scientology opposed to psychiatric abuses?
What is the Citizens Commission on Human Rights?
Why is the Church of Scientology considered a pioneer regarding Freedom of Information laws?
What does Scientology do to protect the environment?
Do doctors, schools, social workers, businesspersons and other professional people use L. Ron Hubbard’s technology?
Does the Church of Scientology engage in interfaith affairs?
What is the Scientology view regarding other religions?
Why do some people oppose Scientology?
Why has Scientology sometimes been considered controversial?
Does Scientology view the press as hostile?
Can Scientologists come and go as members of the Church if they wish?
Why does the Church have confidential scriptures?
Do Scientologists believe they are descended from aliens?
Why has Scientology so often been in court?
Why is everything copyrighted and trademarked in Scientology?
Are there any laws against the practice of Scientology?
How does Scientology view deprogrammers and groups that attempt to force people to denounce their chosen religion?
Is Scientology trying to rule the world?
What has been the Church’s role in protecting free speech and intellectual property rights on the internet?
What is the Scientology position regarding litigation?
Why has the German government engaged in discrimination against Scientologists and the Church of Scientology?
What is the Scientology view of democracy?
How long does a Church staff member serve?
What happens if someone wants to leave staff?
What does the term “fair game” refer to?
What is the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)?
Are young children permitted in the Sea Organization?