What is the Scientology view of democracy?

L. Ron Hubbard’s attitude toward democracy is best expressed in his statements:

“Democracy is probably the best political theory, workably, that has been introduced over the last twenty-five hundred years” and that democracy “postulates a belief in the goodness of men and the good sense of men in council. It postulates the belief that men should be free to decide things for themselves.”

The Church of Scientology view of democracy and its human rights perspective and policies are encapsulated in its Proclamation on Religion, Human Rights and Society, which reads in part:

“Democracy is the best form of government devised. It outlaws tyranny as undesirable and relegates government to the service of the group, rather than the group to the service of government. Citizens should be encouraged to participate in civic affairs and engage in the process of governance through voting and petitioning their government for reforms and redress of grievances. The true quality of a democracy is manifested by how a government affords full and equal rights to minorities.”

Scientology is nonpolitical. Individual Scientologists hold their own political views and tend to support governments or political parties which form democratic systems, honor the dignity and freedom of citizens and protect human rights.

The Church of Scientology as a matter of principle does not strive for participation in any secular power. Its realm is the realm of the spirit. It also is committed to the concept that religious organizations have a right and a responsibility to engage in good works that benefit and improve society.