Yashar Acknowledges Failure, Publishes Crashing Subscriber Graph

On March 30, self-confessed anti-religious bigot Yashar Ali posted on Instagram a graph of his crashing subscribers.

Yashar Ali's subscriber graph

Ali has admitted he is unemployed—with his cratering “subscriptions” Ali’s only apparent source of income—making it unclear how he will pay off his $232,769 judgment, or the $39,710 in legal fees a judge ordered Ali to pay Los Angeles Magazine. (Ali unsuccessfully sued the publication for defamation over their explosive 2021 article, exposing Ali as “a debt-ridden, couch-surfing ‘grifter’ sponging off wealthy celebs.”)

The public took to X (Twitter) to point out that Ali’s crashing subscribers are a reflection of their rejection of his constant hate speech, anti-religious bigotry and general rage.

“Shut the f—k up. Your days are coming to an end. May you be haunted for eternity.” — Yashar Ali

A review of Ali’s social media not only revealed dozens of bigoted, anti-Scientology tweets—including Ali’s unabashedly psychotic statement: “I am committed to the destruction of Scientology no matter what”—but also the following messages. These posts indicate Ali’s rabid obsession with attacking others, to the point that he does not care—or is unaware of—how frothing and unhinged he appears:

  • “I’m in such a bad f—king mood and I’m good with that.”
  • “I get very f—king angry.”
  • “By the way I f—king despise each and every one of you.”
  • “F—k off with sharing anything this piece of s—t has to say.”
  • “Look at this miserable f—k.”
  • “Some of you are so f—king embarrassing.”
  • “You’re in the dog house for your behavior earlier today. Winter with Yashar is ice f—king cold.”
  • “I’m sorry that so many of you are stupid.”
  • “F—k off. You’re a disgrace.”
  • “Who gives a f—k, take a bullet, you signed up for it.”
  • “F—K YOU.”
  • “What the f—k are you talking about.”
  • “You dumb f—k.”
  • “What the f—k is wrong with you people.”
  • “Get the f—k out of here.”
  • “You shove it and f—k off.”
  • “You think as an Iranian I give a f—k.”
  • “You need to back the f—k up before you start getting on my last nerve which you don’t want to do.”
  • “Go f—k yourself.”
  • “All I have to say is go f—k yourself.”
  • “F—k both of them and f—k every reformist piece of s—t. They can burn in hell.”
  • “SHUT THE F—K UP.”
  • “I don’t give a f—k.”
  • “Shut the f—k up. Your days are coming to an end. May you be haunted for eternity.”
  • “She was Secretary of State you f—k toad.”
  • “Shut the f—k up.”
  • “I haven’t forgotten s—t you f—king asshole. F—k you.”
  • “Please, I am begging you, to go f—k yourself.”
  • “So many of you are so f—king insufferable. Shut the f—k up.”