January 5, 2017

Shocking allegations

My wife and I never worried about our son becoming connected with people who would steer him in the wrong direction.

January 5, 2017

ABC 20/20
New York, N.Y. 10023

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am sending this letter to you with regards to the shocking allegations I’ve heard you are planning to air against my church, the Church of Scientology. I am both a Scientologist and a parent and have been a Scientologist for many years. My wife and I have also raised our son as a Scientologist, and not once has any one of us ever experienced anything that has been negative, harmful, demeaning, sexually suggestive, or degrading in any way. Anyone making those claims is completely falsifying what Scientology is!

Our son views us as very loving, caring and stable parents. He asked us once why some of his friends didn’t have great relationships with their parents the way he does. We enlightened him about what Scientology was and he wanted to know more about it. He began to read more about our religion and was very excited about studying and applying what he learned to his life. My wife and I never worried about our son becoming connected with people who would steer him in the wrong direction. In fact it is because of what he has learned as a Scientologist that he was able to recognize people who covertly did unethical things and chose of his own volition not to associate with them. Our son has grown up to be exemplary and we couldn’t be any prouder.

Having to defend my church against an individual who has made the decision to spread lies about the Church of Scientology for whatever reason is simply outrageous. I also know that these claims have never been and never will be a part of the Church of Scientology and I stand behind that from now and until the end of time.

Thank you.
Allen Banks
San Francisco, Calif.

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