Assuming the Best of Our Muslim Neighbors
The following conclusion to Presumed Guilty: Why We Shouldn’t Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism is republished here with gratitude to the book ’s author, Todd Green — a nationally recognized expert on Islamophobia who served as a Franklin Fellow at the U.S.
Media Ethics: Read It and Weep
Left, Right, or Center, the editorial boards all have an agenda. They’re all preaching to their own choir, which also happens to be their financial base.
The Good, the Bad and the Judgment
I was told many times growing up that I needed to use a little judgment. This was usually after I had brought about a disaster by not really evaluating what would happen if I did what I was about to do.
The Liability of Religion Labels
Labels can be great. You can look at can labels and find out whether what you’re getting ready to eat is good for you. You can read labels on machinery and learn that you should really think twice before sticking your hand in there. I am a big fan of those kinds of labels.
You have chosen to further lies, hatred, and false propaganda instead of telling the truth.
I have been in Scientology for 39 years and have raised all three of my children by successfully using the principles of the Scientology religion.
Shocking allegations
My wife and I never worried about our son becoming connected with people who would steer him in the wrong direction.
Allowing your show to be used to further hatred and bias based on lies is a shame
We are so open it is laughable as to why a person would be more attracted to hearing about false, salacious statements rather than researching the subject directly. One can know very quickly the scope, intention, and actual accomplishments of Scientology—worldwide.