Phil and Willie Jones
Phil Jones and his wife Willie were so desperate for money they created a public spectacle at the expense of their own children. Now they are profiting from their anti-religious, anti-family hate campaign.
A Different Perspective on “Cults”
All new religions before being “established” are or were considered “cults” (definition 3). That would include Christianity and Judaism among others. But this word “cult” has been used by many to denigrate a set of beliefs, making them seem weird or strange.
A New Social Contract: Inclusion for the World’s Indigenous People
It’s a familiar story the world over. To bigots, opportunists and fools, to be indigenous is a badge of inferiority. Over the centuries, indigenous people, be they the 40,000-year-old Hadzabe of Tanzania or the Yakye Axa of Paraguay or the Okieks of Kenya or the Nimiipuu of Idaho (known more familiarly as the Nez Perce), have seen their sacred lands desecrated, their people decimated, their territorial rights, culture, and language ignored and above all, the rights to their own identity threatened.
A Real Story A&E TV Doesn’t Want You to See
I run a website about Scientology and parenting. If you Google the terms “Scientology” and “parenting,” it’s the first thing that comes up. It’s pretty obvious to the laziest and most incompetent researcher possible.
A Town in New Jersey is Getting a New Mosque—and Why it Matters
The story of how a new mosque was approved for construction in Bernard Township, New Jersey is a classic case of good news and bad news. First the good news. As of May 30th, Bernard Township will allow the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge to build a new mosque.
America’s Most Dangerous Cult
“Everybody knows” what a cult is. “Cult” is one of those words promoted by the media. Yet if you question anyone using the word, they invariably fall into a blubbering stammer when trying to define it.
An Inside Look at Fighting Televised Bigotry
Craig Reisdorf was the victim of a cheap reality TV show made by A&E, Mike Rinder and Leah Remini. They questioned his right to live his life as he chooses and to practice the faith of his choice.
An Open Farewell Letter to the Makers of Family Guy
Your recent mentions of Scientology make Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” look like the World Book Encyclopedia.
An Open Letter from a Scientologist & Black Man to Tampa Bay Times Bigots
You see, I understand I am just another “nigger,” and you know what is best for me. You deem yourself my Master. You are not my friend.
Andy Marlette Proves Bigotry Still Has a Platform, Even in 2020
It never ceases to amaze me that stupidity and arrogance so often go hand in hand, or in Pensacola News Journal columnist and cartoonist Andy Marlette’s case, pen in hand.