science and religion

Digitizing God—Anthony Levandowski’s “Way of the Future”
Multimillionaire and Silicon Valley whiz kid Anthony Levandowski is obviously no dummy. So I can only conclude that he missed a few history classes. The man has started a religion! If he hadn’t missed those history classes he’d realize that starting a religion is the quickest way to get yourself strung up, hung up, shot at or at least laughed out of town.
Highlighting the Difference: A Study of Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies
Some smells made customers stay longer. Others had them fleeing the premises. The research also found odors needed to be appropriate—the smell of fish in a leather store, for example, probably wasn’t going to lead to higher pocketbook sales.
Is Technology the Greatest Hope for Humanity?
In 1997, a computer defeated Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess champion that ever lived. Deep Blue was a $10-million-dollar I.B.M. supercomputer specifically designed to beat Kasparov at chess. Tens of millions watched the match from around the world, rooting for the man to defeat the machine. It was a disappointing day for humanity.
The Controversy at Maunakea—Why Science and Religion Need Each Other
According to the astronomers supporting the project, it “will allow us to see deeper into space and observe cosmic objects with unprecedented sensitivity. … When operational, [it] will provide new observational opportunities in essentially every field of astronomy and astrophysics.”
What I Tell My Friends When Scientology Is Libeled
In 1633, Galileo was tried and found guilty of heresy and confined to house arrest for the remainder of his life for correctly observing that the earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa.
Why I’m a Scientologist
Every so often, I experience something odd. Someone will come along and insist that I defend my beliefs. They usually have a completely incorrect idea of what my beliefs are, so it gets a bit weird. But hey, it keeps life entertaining (to say the least).
Why Does It Have to Be “Science vs. Religion?”
Debates that pit science versus religion don’t usually end well. They can devolve into name-calling, sometimes on a national stage, the only winners being shoe salesmen who benefit from the windfall of heels overused, dug-in and worn-down by proponents on both sides.
Are Science and Religion Compatible? New Survey Explores the Question
Many Muslims, for example, put forth the idea that science and Islam are compatible in most ways but acknowledged a conflict when it came to the theory of evolution—a conflict shared with many members of the other Abrahamic faiths, Judaism and Christianity, which hold in common with Islam the belief that God spontaneously created the Earth and Adam and Eve.