religious tolerance

Religious Toleration and Religious Diversity
Why Religion and Tolerance Must Go Hand in Hand
The path taken by those who choose hate is the one true path to perdition.
Communication Is the Key
One Catholic priest known to me only as Father Donovan, whom my parents had befriended, attended many of our family picnics, religious or secular events, and outings. He was a likable fellow, and he was intelligent and good-looking. I remember being awestruck by his dedication represented by the white collar around his neck, which offset the black garb he wore in any weather or season.
How a Jew and Roman Catholic Make Their Marriage Work
I was raised Roman Catholic and my husband was raised Jewish. I had my First Communion at the age of 6 and my husband had his bar mitzvah at age 13, so we’re both legit in our respective faiths.
If It’s True It’s True. If It’s on TV, It’s on TV
I have had the privilege of being a Scientologist for the past eleven years and I have been Jewish all my life. As a Jew, I have experienced my fair share of jabs and pokes, but if there has been a “silver lining,” it’s that the religion’s beliefs and practices were never questioned.
It’s Your Right, But Is It Right?
I believe in the power of speech. I believe in freedom of speech. I believe in my First Amendment rights. I believe in our country and our government. Mostly. I believe that our Constitution is there to protect us. All of us. And should be defended at all costs.
Religious Freedom and Religious Tolerance
While training as an Army officer, I was taught not to discuss politics and religion. This seemed eminently practical advice at the time. However, I have come to realize the flaw in this thinking. Communication is the universal solvent.
Religious Freedom Roars Back to Life
On September 11, 2001, all that changed. As the nation focused on the War on Terrorism, religious freedom was no longer a priority. That’s quite ironic, because international religious freedom may be the only way we can really eliminate both terrorism and regional wars.
Starting at Home
To discriminate against a minority religion is to discriminate against any and all religion. Think about it for a moment—every religion is a minority religion somewhere.
Tell Someone. And Get Them to Tell Someone Else.
It has been said that if one person told someone about something, and then the next day that second person told someone else, and then they each told someone else—just one person sharing that thing with another person every day—then within six years every person in the world would know about it.