religious persecution

An American Pogrom Rescinded—The Mormon Extermination Order
An 1838 manifesto, signed by hundreds of Missouri officials and business leaders, exposed the bitter heart of this campaign: “We believed them deluded fanatics, or weak and designing knaves...”
Backsliding into Bigotry: America’s Addiction to Intolerance
Religion, once a cornerstone of society in virtually every culture, is being eroded in modern times. Attacks on religious freedom in the U.S. have more than doubled since 2011, according to a recent report by First Liberty Institute.
My Pianist
It was one of those moments in which every single second seems to last a painful eternity.
Nigeria: Even Democracies Violate Religious Freedom
The designation holds a special significance. According to Gayle Manchin, Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, “Nigeria is the first secular democracy that has been named a CPC, which demonstrates that we must be vigilant that all forms of governments respect religious freedom.”
Pew Research Study Finds Christians Under Attack
If you live in America you might find this hard to believe. Most people here and in Western countries are accustomed to Christians being “the norm,” with religious bigotry and scorn reserved for newer or less “mainstream” faiths. But that analysis would be missing one critical element: almost all religions are a minority somewhere.
Religious Persecution in South Africa—A History Lesson
I know whereof I speak because I was an investigative reporter in the 1980s. I wandered into one of these camps in Randfontein, outside Johannesburg.
Religious Persecution Is As Old As…
I have discovered through the school of hard knocks that the louder the false accuser the bigger their crime.
United Nations Takes a Stand Against Religious Violence
Those three events may have been more dramatic and grabbed more headlines than most instances of violent persecution, but they were by no means isolated. Open Doors, an organization which advocates for persecuted Christians, estimated that between October 2019 and September 2020, over 4,700 Christians were killed around the world for their faith. There were also close to 6,000 incidents of arrests or abduction of Christians due to their religion. By their estimation, 340 million Christians live in countries where they are subject to persecution.
Insurance Should Insure Against A&E Hate TV Shows
I’m a Scientologist and have been for 43 years. My father was a Scientologist (until he passed away) and he introduced me to it. My children are Scientologists—by their choice—and so are my grandchildren. In all the years I’ve been in Scientology I have never seen anything the likes of which Ms. Remini speaks.
American Actor Joins Hungarian Scientologists in Protest Against Persecution of Religions
Actor Jeff Pomerantz joined nearly 800 Scientologists on the streets of this city on November 18 in a peaceful protest against government persecution of a broad array of religions.