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Is Hate Speech Free Speech?
It is then up to the rest of us, the majority of people, the decent folk who choose to live in harmony with our fellow human beings, regardless of their creed, to stop the rhetoric from going any further.
Meet Me Halfway
When it comes to understanding the religious beliefs of others, there is often some inherent unwillingness to meet the other halfway with a true desire to comprehend that person’s deeply-held convictions.
Raising Our Voices—What it Means to be a STAND Member
Scientologists are, almost without exception, really nice people. That’s something you could say of most people and groups but I’m always reminded that being an above average communicator and expressing a heightened regard for other people is something most Scientologists have in common. It’s an exceptionally articulate group of people who know and speak their own minds.
Religious Group “Charged” with Offering Donuts at Meeting
American Humanist Association slights Muslims and Scientologists, likening them to The Satanic Temple and asking parents to imagine a world in which these religious groups dared offer food at a gathering.
Shining a Light Into the Darkness
One of the most uplifting things about the human experience is when people suffering unimaginable loss choose to channel their grief and pain into something so constructive that it outshines the tragedy. A recent article I came across served as a reminder of this, and as an inspiration.
The Courage to Speak Up
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” —Edmund Burke, 18th-century Irish statesman and philosopher I read this article a little while back about Yankees great Derek Jeter taking a stand against bullying and hate speech.
The State of Religious Freedom in America
Freedom of religion is under attack in our country, where more so than any other it should be protected. I am appalled.
Verbal Vandals
By Stacy Sass I was standing in front of my Church with my family and some friends, lingering and chatting after a particularly pleasant fellowship the other evening, when a couple of kids walked by and shouted the name of a famous member of my religion in the general direction of the group of us.
Don’t denigrate the faith of others.
You took at face value claims made by former sitcom actress turned obsessed anti-Scientologist who now gets paid to smear her former faith.