We Embrace Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, But Would He Embrace Us?
A lifetime has already passed since that 1963 speech, and we, at the end of that passage of time, still live in a country made dangerous by hate.
This Year, Pray For the Bigots
At the end of the day, the hater and the racist—and the fool who believes these two—are deeply troubled souls.
MLK Championed Religious Respect, Too
Buddhism wasn’t the only religion that had a profound impact on MLK. A religious intellectual, MLK owned a copy of the Book of Mormon.
A Primer on Hatred and Intolerance
What hatred and intolerance look like: The charred remains of 4-year old Melissa Morrison, recovered from the ashes of the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas, after the inferno of April 19, 1993 ended the FBI’s 51-day siege.
An Open Letter from a Scientologist & Black Man to Tampa Bay Times Bigots
You see, I understand I am just another “nigger,” and you know what is best for me. You deem yourself my Master. You are not my friend.
Black History Month Marks the Anniversary of “The Birth of a Nation”: Hatred Written With Lightning
It was hailed as “the world’s mightiest spectacle,” “the eighth wonder of the world,” and “history written with lightning.” It was the biggest, longest, loftiest, and most profitable movie in history until Gone With The Wind a generation later. It was D.W.
Can Casual Bigotry End Lives?
Recently a 17-year-old white woman was discovered to be planning a copycat mass murder of Black congregants who attended Bethel African American Methodist Episcopal Church in Gainesville, Georgia.
Celebrating International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
The fact is that racism is an ugly undercurrent in our culture—too easy to ignore unless you are one of its victims.
Get With It, America—a Teenager’s Appeal for Religious Tolerance
With everything going on in the world right now, it is time to change. It is time to stop condoning discrimination of any kind. I would rather we devoted our energy to teaching the next generation to respect others, their color, beliefs, and religion, instead of having to teach them how to protect themselves from discrimination.
Haters Gonna Hate
Overly tall, olive-skinned, with full lips and unmanageable curly hair I looked odd among both the children of German refugees and poor Southern states. I was raised as a lilly white boy, in a lilly white family in a lilly white farming town.