An Open Letter to the Executives of Disney and A&E
I have been a structural and specialty contractor for almost half a century and have helped build several of the very Disney properties over which you preside. I used to have an enormous respect for Disney.
CounterPunch Deals the Gateway Drug to Bigotry
Reducing hundreds of thousands of sincere individuals to a sneering allusion at the end of a snide put-down is not journalism, nor is it even writing. It’s propaganda, pure and simple.
Know What You Fear
One of the most troubling emotions we deal with as a society is fear. Fear of the unknown, the undiscovered or the not understood threatens the freedom that our forefathers envisioned for us and for this great nation.
Scientology, “Critics” and Critical Mass
Just start pounding an idea enough times into enough people until, hypnotically, they begin to believe it. Critical mass is achieved when the idea—no matter how false or ridiculous—becomes accepted as reality.
Seeking to Incite Hate, Tony Ortega Feeds Anti-Scientology Lies to Press
Described by former colleagues as “twisted,” “abusive” and anti-Scientology obsessed, Ortega counts as his proudest achievement over the course of his decade of unemployment a full-time anti-Scientology harassment campaign.
The Dehumanizer’s Pattern: Who’s Got the Last Laugh?
This is the pattern of the dehumanizer. Their motives are not pretty, altruistic or honest. Coat the venom with a veneer of acceptance and eventually your target will succumb.
The Honest View of Scientology
What’s more, the high IQ free-thinker is much more likely to become curious about the effort by vested interests to drag them away from the demonized subject.
Why Religions Shouldn’t Take the Bait
No government, no institution, no club will ever be able to give purpose to man like his religions do.
Management Today, You Should Practice What You Preach
The true story of Scientology is far more exciting and revealing. I enclose a link to the Church’s new television channel, broadcasting 24 hours a day, so you can get a head start finding out who we truly are and what we actually do.
Leah Remini’s Anti-Religious Snark Is Not Worth Your Dollars or Integrity
The American people are not stupid. Leah Remini’s stats are dismal for a reason. Every person who has talked to me about her show calls it stupid, self serving and frankly too ridiculous to be believed.