"Prejudice" is actually a hyphenate: "Pre-Judge." Or, to put a further spin on it, “premature judging.” It’s not a new thought, but how in the world can I make a judgement on who you are or whether I approve of you (or people like you) if I don’t know you.
Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Centuries of Prejudice Overcome
This month we are reminded of the importance of Hispanics, how far they and we have progressed from the dark days of Columbus and the conquistadors. We are reminded that enough is indeed enough and that the time is now to learn from their cultures, their experience and their history—for by learning about them, we can’t help but learn more about ourselves.
How I Was Prejudiced and Why I Was Wrong
But the only “knowledge” I had came from a “news” story about the marriage ceremony. I had never personally visited the church, read anything about it, or even met anyone who was a member.
I Don’t Like That Man
This is the way of all prejudice. The attacker conjures up his own demons, and then projects them onto some undeserving class of his fellows, inviting others to join the fictional fray.
Muslim Couple’s Road Trip Melts Barriers of Prejudice, Builds Understanding
It has been said many times in many ways that it’s hard to hate up close.
Remembering the Holocaust, and a Remarkable Story of Survival
Joe was a brilliant, hard-working man who, because he was Jewish, found himself a prisoner in a concentration camp in Poland from 1941 to 1945. It was after a Thanksgiving dinner when he and I were sitting alone on a living room couch fifty years later that he decided to tell me this remarkable story of survival that reflected who he really was.
Shape-Shifting Lizards From Outer Space!
Astounding but true! According to multiple studies, upwards of 12 million Americans, or 4 percent of the population, believe that the world is secretly run by shape-shifting lizards from outer space! That’s more than the total population of U.S. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Mormons, and millions more than the 4-8 million estimated U.S. Jewish population.
The “Mammoth” Misogyny of David Futrelle
Futrelle’s penned prejudices, moreover, need a rewrite. They are wishy-washy and inconsistently doled out. In a 2013 piece on discrimination, for example, he spotlights Mad Men, the hit TV series set in the 1960s, as an example of the inequality and subservience women were forced into at the time. His object of admiration in the series is a smart, upward climbing character played by another powerful, beloved female entertainer who also happens to be a Scientologist.
The Most Precious Thing
Nearly a thousand years ago a great army besieged a castle. Day after day, the army bombarded it with great boulders and flaming arrows. All roads and footpaths into and out from the castle were cut off, and the hidden underground tunnel had been found and filled with mortar and tar.
The Very Definition of Prejudice
Here’s how it shakes out: Really nice, friendly, intelligent, helpful, communicative people: 34. The people I was afraid of: 0.