media bias

Hell Froze Over and Pigs Can Fly: An Honest Story About Scientology
The article contained no controversy, no sensationalism, no drama, and most of all, no bias. How refreshing to view something online about my religion without being moved to hurl my chamomile tea at the screen. How lovely to not have to field a phone call from a concerned non-Scientologist relative or friend about the latest canard to hit cyberspace.
In Pursuit of Truth—How Not to Fall Prey to Lies & Hate
One best confronts the world’s problems from a place of serenity, not angst.
Is the World Coming to an End? Maybe. Maybe Not.
Reading the dramatic daily headlines, it seems as though things are falling apart. But it’s not usually as bad as it seems. It’s important to remember how modern press was built—on creating alarm.
Muslim Representation in Media: Is Three Dimensions Too Much to Ask?
The Muslim Public Affairs Council Hollywood Bureau held its media awards ceremony on March 20. It was a straightforward affair, shot on a simple stage intercut with livestreams from the homes of the awardees—a far cry from the Golden Globes held a few weeks earlier, but more meaningful to me.
Reimagining Media Fairness
It’s a fantastic time to be a news junkie. I subscribe to Google Alert keywords for religion, health and mental health as well as news of the Oregon Coast where I live. For an international perspective, I track Al Jazeera , the BBC and Deutsche Welle.
In Biased Article Sourced to Anti-Scientologists, SBS’ Steve Trask Disseminates Bigotry
Those Trask defames are Australian Scientologists who have selflessly given of their time and resources to ensure children learn their fundamental human rights, at-risk youth get the truth about drugs and those struggling with illiteracy gain tools to finally learn.