In Biased Article Sourced to Anti-Scientologists, SBS’ Steve Trask Disseminates Bigotry

In a September 17 article, Steve Trask of Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) seeks to spread hate against Scientologists for—of all things—supporting humanitarian programs delivering help to Pacific Islanders.

Manipulating his audience with rhetoric that invokes stereotypes, capitalizes on disinformation and employs gratuitous, denigrating descriptors, Trask attempts to make global, award-winning programs in the fields of human rights, drug prevention, drug rehabilitation, criminal rehabilitation and disaster response sound malevolent—maligning the millions of Scientologists globally who contribute to and volunteer with these initiatives to uplift communities.

Photo by Sam Bianchini/

Trask’s story is based on the bigoted commentary of two Florida anti-Scientologists, both of whom were kicked out of the Church more than a decade ago and have documented histories of violence and abuse. Each claims, providing no facts or evidence, that the Church attempts to hide its support of initiatives which are, in fact, proudly displayed on its website,—initiatives utilized and championed by people of all faiths, and none, in 230 countries and territories.

Those Trask defames are Australian Scientologists who have selflessly given of their time and resources to ensure children learn their fundamental human rights, at-risk youth get the truth about drugs and those struggling with illiteracy gain tools to finally learn. Trask further slanders Scientologists who have left their families and homes for weeks at a time to deliver aid in the worst of conditions to those suffering in disaster zonesdistributing vital supplies, rebuilding homes and helping families recover their loved ones. 

Australian Scientologists are appalled SBS employs their own tax dollars to spread hate against them, in spite of—in fact, because—they offer humanitarian help in their own nation and beyond.