journalism ethics

A Scientologist’s Response to “Critics”
Journalists always seem to get their panties in a wad, downright insulted that Scientologists, when asked to “respond to their critics” don’t immediately fall all over themselves in a rush to kneel at the feet of said journalists in fawning supplication, begging to be liked and hoping for approval.
A Story about Rocks, Inspired by Rolling Stone
“The pen is mightier than the sword,” as the saying goes. If you give an idiot a sword he’ll end up hurting innocent people and, with any luck, himself. At that point he might begin to get the idea that he’s an idiot.
Charlie Hebdo: Freedom of Expression and Its Responsibilities
While there is no rote answer to that question, I believe that upholding free expression has two sides. One side, of course, is keeping it free. The other, perhaps not as obvious, is insisting that expression contribute positively to society or at least not weaken the social bonds that make freedom possible.
Hell Froze Over and Pigs Can Fly: An Honest Story About Scientology
The article contained no controversy, no sensationalism, no drama, and most of all, no bias. How refreshing to view something online about my religion without being moved to hurl my chamomile tea at the screen. How lovely to not have to field a phone call from a concerned non-Scientologist relative or friend about the latest canard to hit cyberspace.
The Urban Redneck
There is no other way to put this: If you believe and repeat the corporate-owned media narrative on Scientology (and pretty much anything else), you are ignorant. Sorry. You just might be an Urban Redneck.
LAist Breakfast: Journalism With a Side of the Same Old Diatribe
If Sofia Kercher had decided to be honest with Scientology Celebrity Center International about her intentions during her recent trip there, this is what I imagine she would have said to the guard's offer to give her a tour: “Yes, we would like a tour.
Jack Ohman Parades Ignorance in Pages of Sacramento Bee
Do not use my religion or the name of my religion to make a negative, derogatory comparison. The subject of comparison is irrelevant. The gratuitous snarky comparison is what I’m talking about. It utterly mischaracterizes my religion and its name and, in the process, damages the credibility of your journalism. It betrays the writer’s ignorance and bigotry.
Where Is “The Age’s” Editorial Integrity and Responsibility?
I strongly object to Ben Schneiders’ articles. They misrepresent and denigrate my Church, my religion.
Pope Urges Journalists to Be Honest and Responsible, STAND Joins With Him
This past weekend, Pope Francis addressed journalists from the Italian Periodical Press Union and the Italian Federation of Catholic Weeklies, whom he urged to avoid fake news and sensationalism in a profession of great importance to the exercise of democracy.