LAist Breakfast: Journalism With a Side of the Same Old Diatribe

If Sophia Kercher had decided to be honest with Scientology Celebrity Center International about her intentions during her recent trip there, this is what I imagine she would have said to the guard’s offer to give her a tour:

“Yes, we would like a tour. And just to be up front, it doesn’t matter what you show us about your religion or how open and welcoming you are to us. When we leave, I plan to ignore everything you show me and any kindness you express in doing so, and I’ll proceed to write the usual, boring, hatchet-job article on your church and publish it. Because I’ve decided to make a mockery of all of this regardless of what it turns out to really be. And it may sound like a bizarre twist of logic to you, but this is going in the food section of an online magazine because I actually came here to eat breakfast!! Crazy, right?”

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International

And to the tour guide upon leaving:

“Wow, thanks for taking the time to show us your church. I’ll be writing a smear article, quoting sources that have long been discredited, so don’t expect a fair shake just because you’ve been nice to us. I made up my mind to write the usual tabloid trash before I came here and I’m sticking to it! Besides, Scientology is a new religion and I can get away with it.”

I’m sure your readers don’t appreciate being lied to either.

Wrong. We have now and we’re calling you out. I suggest you take your article out of the “food” section (huh?) and place it in the “bigotry” section where it belongs. And next time you want to write about our Church, grow a backbone and be honest about your intentions up front. Better yet, do something unusual and fair, like allowing us to comment on the sources you’ve used to formulate your negative opinions before you go spreading them around on the internet.

Closing message to Sophia: think twice before smiling to someone’s face and then stabbing them in the back. It’s not appreciated. And I’m sure your readers don’t appreciate being lied to either.

Melissa Butz
Scientologist, bookkeeper, lover of family, friends and the outdoors