antireligious bigotry

Distractify’s Mustafa Gatollari Spreads Disinformation
Just as bullies only pick on people whom it seems safe to bully, bigots only practice bigotry on minority groups—the ones it’s “safe” to hate. It doesn’t make being a bigot okay, but it does show what and who they really are.
German Dictionary Redefines “Jew.” Who’s Next?
The latest edition of Duden, the leading dictionary of standard German, recently added a notation to its entry of “Jude” (Jew).
How Martha Ross’ Bigotry Inspired Me to Cancel My Subscription to The Mercury News
I’ve been a South Bay resident for nearly 40 years and subscribed to The Mercury News, but since it and you continue to hit new lows with worthless hate propaganda, naturally I and my friends are cancelling our subscriptions.
In Honor of Equality, This Human Rights Day
Freedom does not come by declaration alone. It has to be demanded, fought for, and won.
Leah Remini: The Anti-Humanitarian
What a far cry from the words and deeds of kindness and wisdom associated with decent human beings.
Muslim Couple’s Road Trip Melts Barriers of Prejudice, Builds Understanding
It has been said many times in many ways that it’s hard to hate up close.
NBC 12 Forsakes Facts for Clickbait Hate
It’s time for the staff of 12 News—and all other platforms still purveying discrimination—to step up as journalists or step out as the bigots they are.
Remembering Kissir and Tsemik at Hazeem’s House, This Ramadan
I put these religious labels on Boon, Kofi, and Avi now, but back then, the subject never came up. They were just my friends.
Roger Friedman: The Feud Between Bigots & the Truth
Showbiz411 blogger Roger Friedman, like the bigot that he is, has ceased searching for plausible reasons for hating Scientologists and just assumes if he complains loudly enough about nothing, people will agree with him.
Shame on Fox for Alienating Fans & Viewers By Giving a Platform to Leah Remini’s Hate
You’ve lost me and thousands of other dedicated fans with this move.