Anti-Semitism 101, Part 1: The Roots of the Movement
The Jews, then, were set apart in the ancient world, a factor that worked both for them—preserving a unique and imperishable identity—and against them, making them stand out as “different,” and hence a people to be watched closely and suspiciously.
Anti-Semitism and the Miss France Beauty Pageant
The “religion” of bigotry—for, make no mistake: it requires a hefty heap of faith to ignore logic and the evidence of one’s own eyes to hate people one doesn’t even know—is a cruel taskmaster, brooking nothing less than full commitment.
Five Easy Ways to Tell If Your Post Is Bigoted
Religious intolerance can be sneaky. You may not even realize you’re being a bigot. Probably because someone said some line to you.
How Far Is Too Far in Punishing Hate Speech?
In a recent Scottish YouTube video, the creator orchestrates his dog giving a Hitler salute to the camera. Whether you think that video is funny or offensive, the Scottish courts are actually taking the video maker to trial and he could face prison.
How Young Is Too Young to Learn About Bigotry?
I was moved by a recent articulate, thoughtful article about how to prepare your children for the evil that exists in the world. As a parent myself I’ve been blessed to experience the kind of unconditional love that one feels for one’s child.
In Spite of Everything
The defacing of a public monument is a despicable crime in and of itself. But when the target is a beloved figure like Anne Frank—as happened recently at the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial—and when the motivation is clearly anti-Semitism, acts of defilement reach a whole new low.
Racism & Bigotry: Is World War II Over Yet?
Jews number less than 14 million in the whole world—that’s 1/535th of the world’s population…
Never Again—For Anyone
When I was a kid in the 70’s, I went to Sunday school at my synagogue. We did arts, crafts, sang songs and learned about Judaism. But the lessons weren’t always fun and games. We studied Jewish history, which was often wrought with persecution.
“Not in Our Town”—The Miracle of Magic City
That night, six more homes with menorahs, along with a Methodist church donning the same, were vandalized. But more menorahs appeared.
STAND Joins with Jewish Community to Declare: It’s Time to End the Bigotry  
I was saddened and outraged to learn of the depraved act of vandalism that left 170 Jewish gravestones toppled in Missouri’s Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery.