Walt Disney

Disney and A&E: It’s a Small (-Minded) World
I find it difficult to envision Walt Disney trying to make a buck by inciting anti-religious witch hunts. However, if current management sees a chance to make a buck, it jumps right in via its subsidiary “A&E Networks.”
Why I Know Walt Disney Would Be Ashamed
I remember two things about Walt: one was that he was really tall and the other was that he was the kindest man I had ever met.
Disney Is Betraying Walt Disney’s Legacy By Allowing Attacks on Religion
The point of this letter is to bring to your attention the following: The Walt Disney Company is currently producing a show that is based solely on an attack of my religion.
Disney Is Supporting Religious Discrimination
Given the history of the Disney Company, it’s my guess that the prejudice against my church stems more from being misinformed than from actual malice.
Will Disney’s Bigotry Be Its Undoing?
Since all organizations who’ve engaged in discrimination and bigotry have eventually ended up having to apologize later, and had to make up for the damage they did, how far does Disney dare push the inevitable liability it will incur as a result.
Disney: Just How Much Bloodshed Are You Waiting For?
On the road that leads to peace among the people of this world, Leah Remini is the swerving drunk driver, A&E is the car, Disney handed her the keys and the booze, and you are the traffic cop standing and quietly watching.
Scientologists Call Disney Bigotry a “Betrayal”
“These Scientologists and American citizens are deeply disturbed by Disney’s decision to turn its back on them and their fellow Scientologists, betraying millions of fans,” said Edward Parkin, International Director for STAND.