The Aftermath

Disney: It Was Dopey All Along
Things looked rosy at the Disney Studio in 1938. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs was boffo at the box office, and a new star was born. His name: Dopey. Meanwhile, Disney’s original meal ticket, Mickey Mouse, was stumbling.
Scientology and the aftermath
I was shocked to see that A&E gave a platform for anti-religious crusader Leah Remini to spew her vile bigotry.
Disney, Religious Persecution Does Not Fit Walt’s Template
Once upon a time it was OK to persecute Christians, Jews, Mormons, Blacks, Muslims, Women. Even though it still happens, we consider it pure hate speech. Are you so sure that Scientologists will always be OK to persecute? Are you really comfortable with an eventual day of reckoning?
Disney, Please Return to Your Roots of Family and Friendship, Instead of A&E Hate
But then as I fast-forward to the present and “The Aftermath” I can’t imagine any family gathering around the TV to be entertained by it. From what I have heard, the show has pulled more than a few family and friend relationships apart. The show is so un-Disney-like, an analogy would be walking into a Baskin-Robbins and finding plumbing supplies on sale.
What Will be The Aftermath to Your Reputation Once the Hoopla Blows Over
I am writing to make sure you are aware of the low quality, misinformed mess that is Remini’s show. As a Scientologist, I also stand against any religious discrimination. And therefore, I urge you to do the right thing and not renew it.
Applebee’s—No More Support for Religious Bigotry
Show your products, spend your dollars on shows which enhance the human experience through the building of character, not the destruction of it.