Bigotry—I Just Won’t Do That Anymore
That’s the importance of religion, to me. And I know it’s true because I experienced it at that interfaith meeting. And this changed my mind and heart about ever bashing or putting down another’s faith.
Connecticut’s First Ever Sikh City Councilman Shows Us How to Build a Better America
The idea that every group, every religion, every individual can come together and contribute to their community by putting the needs of the entire community first is, for me, what America is all about.
Connecticut’s First Sikh City Councilman Shares Perspective on His Historic Win
I know how minority groups can be attacked if they don’t have a voice, so I have always wanted to be a voice for underrepresented communities. This platform will help me be that voice.
Faith in Action: Why Better Religion Is the Answer to “Bad” Religion
Real, authentic faith inspires acts of love and uplift.
In Defense of All Faiths: The Legacy of Sikhism
As Freedom Forum’s David Callaway relates in his article, the Sikhs’ defense of others has never ceased.
Sikhism: A Phoenix Rises From the Ashes of Suppression
It was the late 1400s in India. Religious fanaticism combined with the caste system to create a culture where the ruling Mughals could and did round up commoners and slaughter them solely to slake their royal hounds’ thirst for blood.
Why Valarie Kaur is Right
After the September 11th attacks I remember hearing from a college friend whose family members were practicing Sikhs. She was relating the painful reality of her brothers suddenly being harassed and threatened in public.
Sikh Community Raises Funds to Save July 4 Fireworks in Their California Community
Six of every 10 Americans say they know virtually nothing about Sikhism , the world’s fifth largest religion. Hence, the National Sikh Campaign (NSC) launched this year to educate the American population on what it means to be a Sikh and that “Sikh values are American values.