Scientology religion

Is Scientology a Religion?
A Face to Go With a Faith
Growing up in a new religion can be an interesting experience. As a child I was completely uninhibited about my beliefs. But at some point—and I'm not even sure when exactly—I stopped.
A Story about Rocks, Inspired by Rolling Stone
“The pen is mightier than the sword,” as the saying goes. If you give an idiot a sword he’ll end up hurting innocent people and, with any luck, himself. At that point he might begin to get the idea that he’s an idiot.
Aziz Ansari Hits the Mark in SNL Monologue
Aziz Ansari said something interesting on Saturday Night Live , and I laughed, because he’s freaking hilarious. And because, boy, do we need some satire right now. Maybe you’ve heard? There's a little bit of political unrest happening. And yes, Mr. Ansari made me laugh.
Church of Scientology Mission of Baton Rouge—Beacon of Light and Hope on the Mississippi
This building of this Mission represents years of dedication by me and many others. It is an aesthetic space worthy of the technology contained within. All who wish to avail themselves of that technology of living are welcome to come in.
C’mon Facebook. Live by your standards.
The First Amendment is a tricky one. It protects my right to practice my religion but also, to a certain extent, protects those speaking badly about it, except when that speech turns into anti-religious hate speech.
Coming Out
Ok, admittedly, that title is somewhat deceiving—I am a happily married heterosexual woman. But here’s the thing: the press has been smearing my religion with such abandon for so long now that, as a Scientologist, telling people about my religious “orientation” has felt at times, like coming out.
Don’t Joke, Look!
By Evan Wecksell I live in Los Angeles, a city with the highest concentration of Scientologists in the world.
Fact or Fiction?
There are some people who think they know what Scientology is because they read a book “about” Scientology or saw a special on TV. Yet their ideas of it don’t match what I have been seeing and doing in Scientology for over a quarter of a century.
How it Felt to Be Treated Like a Nazi
When I was in third grade, I had a teacher who despised me. It wasn't because of anything I'd done to her, and it wasn't that I was a difficult student. In fact, I loved learning, was an avid reader, and was pretty social, so school was a perfect fit. Except for Mrs. Goldwitch.