STAND League

Bloggers of the Roundtable
These “Bloggers of the Round Table” are an eclectic bunch: musicians, writers, lawyers, pilots, business owners, clergy… you name it, and despite the seriousness of their mission, they’re an insouciant lot and great company.
The Only Ones That Can Save Us
Time and again, whole peoples have put their trust and hope in their leaders, to their lasting regret. An individual from the extreme right or the extreme left stands up and calls out the evils he perceives around us and frightened masses flock to support him, hoping to be led to the promised land and away from their misery, uncertainty and hardship.
They Didn’t Add the “R”
I realized that I could not always believe what I read, just because it appeared in a “respected” media source, by a “respected” journalist.
MEDIA WATCH put right on Scientology
I read your report on Brandon Scott Wolf yesterday in which you make a gratuitous—and false—assertion that the Church of Scientology has in some way avoided paying taxes.
Yahoo News Carrying Bigotry for Leah Remini
A few STAND members have asked, for their own protection, to be provided with an avatar. This was granted solely because Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are responsible for instigating over 500 documented threats of violence, death threats, acts of vandalism and hate targeting the Church, its parishioners and its leaders.
MEDIA WATCH, Honesty Should be Your Writing Core
You call yourself journalists but you are little more than hatemongers. Your review is a perfect example of why exists.
Today’s World Demands Non-Discrimination, Not A&E’s Religious Hate TV
Remini is hell-bent on attacking Scientology, while Disney and its sponsors are enabling her to spread her delusional ideas, pure and simple.
Unwarranted Bigotry at
Realize that you have a responsibility to society. Casting disparagement and making derogatory comments about a religion of which you know nothing relegates your writing to religious discrimination.
IndieWire: Don’t Gratuitously Attack My Religion
While of course each writer is entitled to their own view as to movies, people, circumstances and so on, what most stood out in their article were the gratuitous attacks on a religion of which they know nothing other than from the rumor-mill.
WSJ Prints Propaganda Review of Hatchet Job Book
While I appreciate that Guinn and Wright are bedfellows, in a figurative sense, further hyping of a notorious propaganda piece by Guinn actually cloaks him in the same mantle of bigotry.