Nazi Germany

An Open Letter From a Proud German To the Bavarian OPC
What makes you, the Office of the Protection of the Constitution, believe that you can be unconstitutional and insult my religion like this?
Bigotry Is Only a Symptom of the Actual Disease
This is the germ that starts the infection—this is the first disruption of normal social interaction between two groups.
Defamation Kills: The True Authors of Religious Violence
Can it be that governments and commercial interests have knowingly used the lunatics who reside at the fringe of our society to do their dirty work?
Hate Speech: Why More Communication—Not Less—Is the Answer
I agree that hate speech has no place in civil discourse, but when people are afraid to communicate at all about entire subjects because they’re afraid of being labeled as something they aren’t, that climate of fear has its own far-reaching consequences on civil discourse that also tear at the fabric of what it means to live in an open, free society.
Hillary Kelly Should Maybe Talk To Someone
Possibly there should have been a separate back entrance to the Whole Foods, labeled “Scientologists Only.” Possibly, too, separate bathrooms, separate water fountains, separate schools, separate neighborhoods to prevent them from polluting our pure non-Scientology selves. Someone call the manager!
How to Make a Monster
I came across an article the other day that was so outrageous my mind locked up on it for some time. Here’s what it said: Twenty-two SS officers were responsible for the deaths of over one million people.
Scientology and Responsibility
If you have the impression that Scientologists never examine Scientology, you would be wrong. The simple practice of Scientology forces you to eventually look into and evaluate everything, including Scientology.
Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Girl Who Changed the World
Anne Frank opened the eyes and minds of millions to the horrors of hate.
T-Mobile: Your Support of A&E/Remini Evil Hurts Good People
Time has come for you to choose between good and evil. Because make no mistake, evil and destruction is what Remini stands for while accusing others of it. Interestingly enough, that is exactly how the Nazis spread their agenda in the 1930’s, they accused an entire people, an innocent people, of the very evil they were guilty of.