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Meet Averell “Ace” Smith of Bearstar Strategies, the manipulator behind anti-religious smear ads
Averell “Ace” Smith is Partner at Bearstar Strategies in San Francisco. “Ace” is the devious person behind the latest anti-religious smear ads. Brace yourself. He is the face of 21st-century propaganda.
Speaking Out Against Bigotry in Los Angeles |⁠ STANDleague.org/LAbigotry
Miscast as a Cult Member
One would think, in this new epoch of hyper-sensitivity, that casual slurs about a stranger’s religion would be “so last century.” Not so much. I’m an actor, and a big part of my life is auditioning for casting directors in the LA area.
You’re Not as Tolerant and Inclusive as You Think, and Here’s Why
Living in diverse Los Angeles, you would think bigotry is the last thing I’d have to worry about in my daily life, but it’s not. That’s because I’m a Scientologist, and for most of my life, the press has been engaged in an all-out attack against my religion .
Country & Town House Abusing Scientology’s Good Name
Ours is a thriving, popular, 21st-century religion that has expanded and flourished during its 67 years of existence. In fact you include the word Scientology in your article for no plausible reason. So you abuse our good name to gain illicit profit. Shame on you.
L.A. County Reports 11% Rise in Religious Hate Crime
In its recently released 2019 Hate Crime Report, the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations (LACCHR) analyzed and presented crime data submitted by law enforcement, community-based organizations and educational institutions, which together revealed that violent hate crime last year reached a 10-year high in L.A. County—with religious hate crimes rising 11 percent.