Big Bigotry Goes Mainstream: Remini & Disney Attack Jehovah’s Witnesses
How exactly do you ask, in politically correct terms: “What religious group can we profit from the most by misrepresenting and stirring up hate?” “Can we get a lynching?”
Dress for “Religious Freedom” Success
When you hear the name Norfolk, you’re likely to think of the sprawling Virginia metropolis fronting the vast Chesapeake Bay and not some other Norfolk, one- tenth the size, half a nation away, the ninth largest city in Nebraska.
Guilt by Association: Making Good People and Their Religions Look Bad
The prophets wanted their followers to believe in God and follow His Word. It’s true that some adherents to these religions do better than others in following their scriptures; they range from virtuous to considerably-less-than-perfect, but the vast majority fall short of putting a scarlet mark on their creed.
The KKK and the Power of Symbols
I wasn’t surprised to read that members got the idea from D. W. Griffith’s 1915 silent film The Birth of a Nation. Fire has been an elemental influence on people since the dawn of human civilization.
The Rabbi and the Bigot—A Story of Redemption
A few days later, the Rabbi found a package on his front walk containing anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi pamphlets and a card reading: “The KKK is watching you, scum.”
A&E Trying to Create Anti-religious Hate and Violence
When you sit in a room, as I have, and quietly listen to your 90-year-old mother talk about the KKK riding through a North Carolina town with torches, causing the kind of fear she as a young child had never before seen in the eyes of grownups around her; or heard your husband’s uncle describe himself as a 17-year-old boy in Auschwitz standing before and escaping from “Doctor of Death” Josef Mengele, you know that these activities started with widespread religious discrimination.
Steinhoff—A&E Religious Prejudice Does Not Deserve Your Money
Is hatred and suspicion of our neighbors what we want to “welcome into the hearts and homes of millions of families around the world”? Really?
A&E’s Hypocrisy on Paying “Participants”
On Christmas Eve 2016, A&E cancelled its controversial Escaping the KKK show when they allegedly learned that producers had made “cash payments to participants.” A&E publicly announced that “these payments are a direct violation of its policies and practices for a documentary.