Isn’t there more to life than this, a Scientologist Asks?
“Life is short—live it up.” This seems to be the mantra I hear more and more every day. Now, I’m all about fun. I think things should be fun. I think everyone should have some, I really do. But, there’s more to life than that.
Jews, Gays, Scientologists—Media Abuse and Bigotry
I am 34 years old. I was born and raised in Scientology. Both my parents worked for the Church of Scientology until very recently.
Learning About the Religions of the World
On the first day of a four-part Open House on Religions of the World, I fulfilled my duty as a Jew. Are you surprised? Well, apparently, having an ancestor on my mother’s side named Pinkus gave me that right and obligation.
Never Again—For Anyone
When I was a kid in the 70’s, I went to Sunday school at my synagogue. We did arts, crafts, sang songs and learned about Judaism. But the lessons weren’t always fun and games. We studied Jewish history, which was often wrought with persecution.
Why Stuart Wright is Wrong
I just read about Stuart Wright, the neo-Nazi hater of Jews, and God knows who else, who vandalized synagogues, and I’d like to say a few words to him. Francis Salvador, Haym Salomon, Mordecai Sheftall and Reuben Etting.
Libman Company—Enough of Your Support for Hate and Bigotry
I have been studying and practicing Scientology since 1981 and it has greatly benefited me and all those with whom I am in contact. Don’t we have enough hatred and bigotry going on in our country and the world today? I’m confident that you will withdraw your support of this show once you see how misleading and cruel it is.
Mercury News—Get Straight Facts on Scientology
Let me do a compare: reading your article, and others like it, is akin to asking a Jew to read Mein Kampf when seeking to understand the Torah. Who would do it? No one. This is why your article, and others like it, are never opened, never read and are dismissed out of hand.
Solidarity Among Religions Will Empower Each of Us
The attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions is unforgivable and I have vocally stood against them and shall continue to do so. I believe that we should treat each other with mutual respect.
Hate-Inspired Violence Against Religions Hits New High
Hate-Inspired Violence Against Religions Hits New High Across the globe, religions are under attack. These assaults have taken the form of hate speech through all forms of media, legal persecution, graffiti plastered over houses of worship, bomb threats and violence, including arson and murder.