Why Stuart Wright is Wrong

I just read about Stuart Wright, the neo-Nazi hater of Jews, and God knows who else, who vandalized synagogues, and I’d like to say a few words to him.

Francis Salvador, Haym Salomon, Mordecai Sheftall and Reuben Etting. These are just a few names of Jews that fought in our American Revolutionary War for your right, more than 200 years later, to live in this wonderful, free nation. Salvador and Etting sacrificed their lives for the cause.

Here’s another: Major General Maurice Rose. After surviving WWI, Rose lost his life in WWII leading an armored division in Europe. Chaplain Alexander D. Goode, a rabbi, gave his life to save the lives of fellow soldiers aboard a sinking troop transport in WWII—maybe some of your ancestors. Hyman Rickover was a four-star admiral, one of the most important in our history. All Jewish.

I read that you’re an accountant, Mr. Wright, with a master’s degree. I’d never hire you to work my books because you obviously can’t do the math. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Native Americans, you name it, all fought side-by-side for us to secure freedom for this great nation we inhabit. It takes all kinds, but only one people: Americans. Mr. Wright, you’ve spit on the graves of heroes who died for you.

Who are we if we’re not one? One people, Americans, and one race, the human race. We’ve got no more room for hate; it’s got to disappear like an old fad—like disco or TV dinners.

Now you have a tattoo on one arm that says Jesus Loves and a Nazi swastika on the other? Talk about a dichotomy—you can’t have it both ways. You’re representing God (for many) on one arm and the devil on the other. Hitler himself might’ve put YOU in one of his concentration camps for being one of the “feeble.”

Who is it you thought you were representing by attacking that synagogue? Couldn’t be Jesus. He wouldn’t tolerate that. After all, he was a Jew, and those are his people too. Must have been the other guy. So what you’ve been doing, Mr. Wright, is kicking mud in the faces of all Christians—because a true Christian would never treat his fellow man with such disregard and disdain. And you’ve seriously offended me and about 300 million of my close friends, also known as my fellow Americans, because that’s not what this nation is about.

So my message to everyone reading is this: Who are we if we’re not one? One people, Americans, and one race, the human race. We’ve got no more room for hate; it’s got to disappear like an old fad—like disco or TV dinners. No use for it anymore.

And I’ve got a bulletin for anyone that wants to practice hate: Your hate has nothing to do with the other guy you want to take it out on. Work on yourself and find something—any little thing about yourself that’s good, that you can like—and that’s the start of a whole new world opening up for you. You’ll realize you never really hated anyone but yourself. You were just working on the wrong target.

Let me tell you something about my religion. I’m a Scientologist. I wasn’t born one; I chose it. I chose it because the discoveries and teachings of L. Ron Hubbard have shown me and many others that the quality of one’s life is determined, in large part, by the degree to which he respects the rights of others. It’s all about lifting each other up from the abyss man has been in, into higher states of existence, and it starts with truly respecting everyone’s right to be. As Scientologists, we not only don’t put up with discrimination against our religion, we won’t tolerate it against anyone’s! That is something I am proud of.

So quit being WRONG, Wright. Same goes for all other haters. Work on the inside, work on you. The other guy is not the enemy.

Stuart Rosenbaum
Entrepreneur, CEO, writer, philanthropist, with a passion for helping create a better world.