Anti-Asian Hate, A Primer
An elderly Asian-American woman runs and stumbles as two youths, in pursuit, easily catch her, beat her, and set her clothes on fire.
Balancing Public Health and Religious Freedom—Churches and COVID-19
The New York State decision is not going to be the end of the discussion. Other cases are pending. Legislative bodies have become involved, such as a bill introduced into the Oklahoma State Senate to prevent government bodies from restricting lawful religious activities and recognizing the essential nature of churches.
Can We Make 2020 the Year of Tolerance?
Change won’t happen unless you and I stand up for what is right and demand that our beliefs—whatever they may be—are respected as they should be.
Churches the World Over Are Helping
Churches today recognize that they are often the last haven for those in need.
While I Helped My Neighbors in a Pandemic, Leah Remini Raged Against That Help
As the proverb goes, when a pickpocket meets a saint, he sees only his pockets. Even as we help the millions in a pandemic, professional detractor Leah Remini cannot but see the humanitarian efforts of thousands as “manipulative,” “sinister” or done for “show.”
Inclusion Can Also Be Contagious—New Law Offers Hope to Hate Crime Victims
Behind the impersonal statistics are tragic stories of businesses being vandalized, people being denigrated, assaulted, and in some cases killed, such as the tragedy which befell an 84-year-old Thai man in San Francisco, targeted solely because of his ethnicity, who was shoved to the ground and died.
International Day of Education: From COVID to Religious Literacy
Truth be told, the intolerance and hate that come from otherness are as old as the human race, and without diminishing the devastating effects of the pandemic, constitute a far more deadly and lasting virus for all humanity.
More Than Scientologists Have Had Enough of Leah Remini’s Extremism & Hate
People are catching on to the fact that the real publicity stuntperson is that individual on the sidelines, complaining shrilly, discriminating abundantly, broadcasting her own intolerance, leveling her own bigotry and grinding her own axe while the hard work of helping others and keeping hope alive is being done by dedicated parishioners of the Church of Scientology.
Religious Difference in a COVID-19 World
People so often show their true colors during challenging times and, for most people, that means finding ways to succeed in spite of any and all barriers. There are countless examples of selfless acts around the world over the course of this challenging, unforgettable year. Thankfully only a small minority of people actually wish ill on others. They can be difficult to spot because they can come in any “form”—attractive or homely, prosperous or destitute, charming or rude—but you will know them by their actions.
Shame on Fox for Alienating Fans & Viewers By Giving a Platform to Leah Remini’s Hate
You’ve lost me and thousands of other dedicated fans with this move.