A360 Media

Arm & Hammer: It’s Time to Live Up to Your “Standard of Purity”
Since when does a “standard of purity” entail wholesale backing of hate-ridden dirty rags?
I Used to Promote Skechers. Now I’m Calling Out Their Support of Hate Instead.
Imagine what a slap in the face it was to see that Skechers has been financing hate against my religion.
Hate for Profit: Kimberly-Clark Sponsors Defamation of Religion
The famous brand of facial tissue is sponsoring this defamatory crap? Yes. It. Is.
Why Bigoted A360 Media Tabloids Should Meet Their End, and Soon
Regardless of the form, such scandalmongers pander to some of the baser human traits, the thirst for gossip, rumor and bad news about your neighbor. And I believe even their readers know these publications are of less than no benefit to humankind.
Why I Admired Kohler Before I Learned They Pay for Hate
While fellow advertisers acknowledged our concerns and have chosen to reach their audience by supporting more responsible and fair-minded publications, Kohler has chosen to do nothing.
A360 Media’s Dan Dolan Continues to Exploit Lives, Spread Hate and Print Lies
“Accelerate360 executives have done their company and its investors an enormous disservice by not immediately straightening out AMI—an ‘acquisition’ which will drag the entire corporation down with it,” she continued.
STAND Calls for Those Victimized by A360 Media Hate to Come Forward
To date, STAND has documented upwards of 650 instances of hate speech, outright lies and discriminatory content by American Media Inc., now A360 Media.