What Do Scientologists Believe?
If you’re curious about the subject and want to know more, talk to a Scientologist, but don’t ask them what they believe. Ask them what they do.
What “Everybody Knows” Actually Isn’t True
If even I, a young child, could tell that these things that “everybody knew” were simple and obvious lies, how could grown-ups be repeating them? Believing them? Teaching them to their children?
What Happens When You Die?
And the more I studied religions, the more I saw the common thread. They all believed that you are more than your body and that you do not end when it does.
What I Tell My Friends When Scientology Is Libeled
In 1633, Galileo was tried and found guilty of heresy and confined to house arrest for the remainder of his life for correctly observing that the earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa.
What It’s Like Aboard the Freewinds
I distinctly remember the first time I set foot inside a Church of Scientology. I was immediately struck by how friendly and communicative everyone was, not just with me in particular but person to person throughout the organization.
When “the Victim” is the Bully
I’m “a big kid.” That is to say, I’m an adult. I’m well-educated, reasonably affluent, and able to hold my own in a conversation… But I’m being bullied. And honestly? It’s really uncomfortable.
Who Loses When Scientology Wins?
Last week I had an unusual phone conversation with a client I’m doing some screenplay rewrite work for. He was somewhere between amazed and aghast to learn I was a Scientologist! When I asked him, why the surprise, he said it was because I was smart and not weird… at least as far as he could tell.
Why Does Scientology Keep Its Upper-Level Teachings “Secret”?
When I started hearing about the “OT levels” I was curious as to why much of it was kept confidential. Over time, I answered my own question. And here it is.
Why I Love Being a Scientologist
If you enter a Scientology Organization you will find diversity there second to none. Every race, creed, ethnicity, nationality, age group and any other way you want to divvy up the human race is represented.
Why My Religious Rights Are Being Threatened in Los Angeles County Superior Court
This is an odious attack on ALL religions, and our right to choose our religion for ourselves.