Scientologists and Freedom of Choice

Responsible freedom of choice lies at the heart of the Scientology religion. It’s a theme which runs throughout our sacred literature. Freedom of choice coupled with a prosurvival orientation toward all areas of life determine the actions of an ethical being.

In my 40-some years associating with Scientologists, I’ve observed this at every turn. It’s one of the delights of being around them. They may not always be predictable, but they are very rarely boring!

Soleil Levant by Ton Dubbeldam

“This Moment in Time”

You determine this moment in time
no one else.
Its creation is yours.

You conceive it.
You shape it.
You give it life.

Yield the creation of this moment to another, and
you suspend yourself in air
above a chasm
hanging (or not) at their choice.
Your life no longer your own.

Fame, approval, permission granted
by another, may be
taken away.

Except by your own decision
what you create, cannot.

Yield your will to create
and your forward path becomes chosen
at the caprice of another.
The journey bereft of the
joyfulness born of creation.

You create your life
and include others (or not).
You create your future
and include others (or not).

Recall a time you were truly happy;
wrapped in the arms of someone you loved.
Remember a time when you succeeded, and
things were joyfully real.
Remember a time that you won.

These things will be with you, always.
Regardless of what follows.

The creation of joy, of purpose
is within you. It is a gift that you give

It is a gift that you share with others, or not.

Build your own life. Create your own dreams.
Live true to your own goals.
Speak your own truths.

None of these can be taken from you.
Unless you first elect it so.

Mike Graves
Internationally acclaimed poet Michael Graves has published three books of poetry and has been a Scientologist for more than 40 years. If he's not writing or consulting for business owners (his day job for more than 30 years) you can probably find him out back, working on his deck.