Leah Remini

Stale Bread: The Aftermath
I am not prone to drama. However, having lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, I am very familiar with it. I try to keep myself busy working on my businesses, helping my family and friends and creating art. I’m generally too focused on that to pay attention to noise and sensationalism.
The Aftermath of the “Aftermath”
Most people are decent: They are constructive, creative, welcoming and social…
The Bite-The-Hand-That-Feeds-You Syndrome
“If a man’s religion does not make him averse to sin, sin will make him averse to religion.”
The Dehumanizer’s Pattern: Who’s Got the Last Laugh?
This is the pattern of the dehumanizer. Their motives are not pretty, altruistic or honest. Coat the venom with a veneer of acceptance and eventually your target will succumb.
The Independent’s Sam Webb Is a Self-Proclaimed “Fan” of Hate Speech
After the obscene anti-Scientology posting, Webb reached out to express his support, publicly promoting that he is a “fan” of her hate podcast.
The Power of a Well-Told Story
The other day, I read an online article that spoke of how an animation studio’s approach to storytelling was repurposed and being used to sell products, ideas, and even political candidates. It reminded me that we humans are not as logical in our decision-making process as we would like to believe.
The Things I Care About
I don’t really care what you think of my husband. Although he has passed on, I loved him. We got along great and laughed a lot. Anybody who tried to convince me that he was a terrible guy wouldn’t get very far. I worked with him and lived with him for 30 years.
To Remini, Rinder, et al: Don’t Be a Leech
Why would anyone devote their life to tearing someone else down? In the last 45 years I’ve seen such people pop up occasionally, gain attention, and then disappear. They’re never known for their own accomplishments.
Today’s “Journalism”—Now That’s Entertainment
Who cares if Brian Williams is a stone cold liar? Do we really care about honest journalism? It’s boring to watch all these talking heads spewing out actual facts and reporting honest news. Give me my DVR, give me my Slingbox, give me my PlayStation, give me fake news! Give me fake news, not facts.
Tolerance for Intolerance: Burning Down Your Own House
Like setting your neighbor’s apartment on fire, it worked; but as historian Dan Carlin points out in his Blueprint for Armageddon VI, burning your neighbor’s apartment can set yours on fire too.