Oregon Does Not Endorse Leah Remini

Leah Remini wants to tell you what your religious beliefs ought to be and now wants to tell you how to vote.

A self-taught “expert” on religiosity and divinity, she’s now entered local politics in a state she doesn’t live in. Perhaps she should give us relationship advice and found a private space exploration company in her spare time.

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I live in Portland, Oregon. About 40 miles away is the town of McMinnville, home to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, the Wings & Waves Waterpark, and the Hotel Oregon. It’s a great town. I was there yesterday with my kids.

I’ve worked in McMinnville (“Mac” as it is known) and I know several families there. From one of those families, a mother of three is running for City Council.

Leah Remini, who has nothing to do with Oregon or any of its municipalities, recently posted a notice for residents of that area to “not vote” for this candidate as she is running to “secretly represent” her religion (which happens to be Scientology) and other such false and venomous rhetoric.

Remini’s antireligious “activism” passed the point of paranoid delusion long ago. Last I checked, we lived in a country where representation in public office of diverse backgrounds, religions and cultures was a good thing.

I’m a believer in nuance and specificity. I don’t often say that “this is just like that” or make overarching comparisons.

But I will say with utmost sincerity that Remini’s “warning” is exactly like her shouting about the plot to “secretly represent the Jews” or the “nefarious Catholic agenda” or “those damn Buddhists trying to infiltrate the government!”

It’s straight-up bigotry. I know the word “Nazi” gets thrown around these days as a general slur, but Remini’s words and deeds are factually Nazi-like.

I’m also certain she knows nothing about and does not care about Oregon. Her unwelcome toe dip into local politics is solely motivated by her unquenchable grudge against her former church.

Remini’s antireligious “activism” passed the point of paranoid delusion long ago.

Examples of the “threatening” platform of this candidate:

As a mother of three, my first priority is ensuring the safety of our children.

Drug deals, needles and criminal activity happening in our parks, at our library or aquatic center is a big NO.

Safe, clean and maintained parks, library, aquatic center and City facilities.

Update all of our parks to include features that accommodate children with disabilities.

Facilitate families of all income levels to participate in our parks and recreation.

Manageable system development charges so builders can construct affordable homes.

Controversial stuff. 

Remini counts these on her list of things to rail against.

Let’s be clear: Remini’s intent is to destroy freedom. And her words and deeds have resulted in defamation, destruction and violence.

They serve as a reminder of the tactics of those who oppress and harm others based on their religious beliefs—the suppression of Tibetan Buddhism, the genocide of the Rohingya people, the Night of the Long Knives, Kristallnacht.

Perhaps I’m being dramatic. I hope so.

But when I see a platform given to a person whose stock in trade has become slander and libel of religion, I get concerned.

I’ll be so bold as to speak for freedom-loving Oregonians (which is most of them):

We don’t endorse Leah Remini.

We don’t endorse her brand of bigotry.

We don’t endorse hate. 

Dylan Green
Writer. Musician. Artist. Father. Seeker of Truth.