hate speech

Hate Speech in Man’s World India
Man’s World India has since removed all anti-Scientology content from the offending article.
New York Post Takes Fake News Lower
There you are. Passing on the blatant hate speech of an “anonymous source” in an effort to slander an entire religious group. You should be ashamed.
Offensive Content in History of Yesterday
History of Yesterday has since taken down the offensive article.
Patheos.com Writer Kowtowing to Remini Hate
Unfortunately though, you are force-feeding the thinking public a diet of your obsession and her drivel, best described as hate-speech. No one asked for it and no one needs it, least of all those who are the subject of it—Scientologists. But you keep piling it on.
“The Real” Rejects Freedom of Religion, Opts for Bigotry Instead
There can only be one reason why we have not heard back from you. Bigotry. With your silence, you have confirmed you intend to provide a platform for hate and hate speech because “The Real” gives lip service to diversity, equity and inclusion, but the willingness stops there.
Yum!—You Want the World to Know You Back Hate, Lies and Bigotry?
I am sure this is not the type of reputation you wish to have—that of a company which backs hate, bigotry and lies that end in bloodshed.
STAND Warned “The Real” Leah Remini’s Hate Speech Leads to Violence. They Didn’t Care.
“Are you comfortable with Scientologists receiving such threats after the airing of your show, on which you intend to irresponsibly showcase an individual who makes her living off of spreading bigotry against a global religion and its members?”
As the World Remembers the Holocaust, Bigot Leah Remini Inspires Praise of Hitler
A Leah Remini follower tweeted that Hitler “had big ideas… the right ideas” within days of Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Daily Mail’s Dan Heching Publishes Article Smearing Every Scientologist
Tony Ortega, who first posted the string of anti-Scientology canards Heching draws from, lost his last job eight years ago due to his obsession with attacking the Scientology religion. He is known as one of the champions of Backpage.com
Dr. Oz Gives Hate a Platform on “Health and Wellness” Show
Dr. Oz aired false propaganda formulated to generate hate against Scientologists and the Scientology religion.