The Dehumanization of Mike Rinder
It is a sick mind that must contort itself to see roaches, instead of men, women and children, as the Hutus viewed the Tutsis in the Rwanda genocide of 1994. 800,000 minority Tutsis were slaughtered in a three-month period.
The Great Replacement Theory: Hate Is Hate By Any Name
What is the racist—the hater—so frightened of? Men, women and children, mainly. They are frightened of ordinary people who happen to look different, possibly speak with a different accent, attend a different place of worship.
The High Tech of Hate
The mind can absorb 20 images per second. Video runs at about 25 images per second. That means that for every second of TV or YouTube or any video, good or bad, well-intended or not, 5 images get implanted without our knowledge or consent.
The Lesson of Yom Kippur: Anyone Can Make a New Beginning
The lesson of Yom Kippur is that all of us—no exceptions, no excuses—can change for the better.
The Man Behind the Interfaith Solidarity March: An Optimist and Friend to All Faiths
“These international marches are not just ‘feel good’ events. This does matter and this does have the ability to bring peace and dissolve bigotry by extending understanding.”
The New Decade: Reset. Start.
Many years ago, at the dawn of the personal computer era, I had a nerdy friend who always seemed to be happy. One day I asked him what his secret was. He said, “Easy. Every morning when I get up, I say to myself, ‘Reset. Start.’” Reset: To return something to its initial state; to set to zero.
This Ain’t Our First Rodeo
It doesn’t matter if one celebrity likes Scientology. It doesn’t matter if another one hates it. The people who live their lives celebrity-watching are not likely to make an effort to improve themselves, period.
This Year’s Heroes Against Hate—The Real All-Stars
He sustained five severe wounds, lost one third of his lung, but miraculously survived. “I’m no hero,” he said, thus officially passing the primary test of a hero.
“To Kill A Mockingbird” Marks Anniversary
In a way no scholarly treatise or forensic statistical analysis ever could, the book opened the eyes of its audience, particularly its Southern readers, to their generations-long, casual acceptance of injustice and their indifference towards inequality. By seeing the events of the book through the eyes of a child, Atticus’ daughter, Scout, one experiences the story through the sensibilities and feelings of an innocent.
Twitter Bigot Max Burns Succeeds in Embarrassing Himself
These are the antisemites, the Islamophobes, the theophobes, the xenophobes, the anti-Asians, the racists and the rest.