Church of Scientology

Does Disney Actually Value Human Rights?
May I recommend that you immediately terminate the employment of Nancy Dubuc and Paul Buccieri for encouraging this hateful display to continue.
Religions Should Be Appreciated, Not Taunted
Your article contains aspersions and bigotry toward bona fide, recognized and accepted religions—such as the Church of Latter-day Saints, the Church of Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christian Science.
Bigotry of Hemant Mehta’s at
The original purpose of, as I understand it, was to present information from authoritative sources and thus to help people learn about the world’s different faiths. Since falsehoods and bigotry in no way lead to greater understanding, Mehta’s presence on your site violates and betrays that purpose.
Frank Scheck Meets All Criteria of a Religious Bigot
Most of Scheck’s barbs have little to do with the content of the shows which would tend to make one think he had no interest in the actual news of the Church’s new TV station.
Michael Rubin, IPC’s Funding of Religious Hate Is an Injustice
The money you made with your blood, sweat and tears—starting at the incredible age of 12—is, today, funding an injustice. Please give it another, very hard look.
Geico, Funding Attacks Against Religious People Is Not Good for Business
I’m sure the producers and proponents of this show have done their best to marginalize and de-legitimize people like myself in an effort to convince you that what they are doing is okay. But it isn’t.
Thecountyline Pushing Religious Bigotry on Their Reading Public
While much more has been said about the book’s biased and fallacious reporting, suffice it to say that Going Clear was never intended to be anything other than a hatchet job. Any “research” was conducted from the sole standpoint of “attack.”
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Advocating for the Architect of $21 Million Ponzi Scheme
Lila Mirrashidi, Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the DBO, told The Daily Beast for their article published yesterday: “LeClair was not cleared of any criminal charges. The statute of limitations just ran out. Any claim of innocence by LeClair, or that she fought successfully to clear herself of all charges, has no basis in facts or the evidence.
The Truth About Scientology is Far More Interesting
What you ignore are the number of Scientologists who practice their religion daily, carrying out good works in their respective communities, raising productive families and donating their talents and skills in a selfless and beneficial way.
MEDIA WATCH—Wake Up! Don’t Forward the Agenda of a Proven Bigot
Have you not seen the violence leveled against synagogues, mosques, temples and churches in recent months and years? Have you not read the media reports about the children, adults and elderly who have been callously murdered in their places of worship? Have you not heard of the grieving torment this has created, not just with families but entire communities?